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NAS Recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are quickly gaining popularity. Plugging into a free Ethernet port on your router, switch or PC, these devices provide a quick and convenient way to increase storage space available to a single PC or the entire network without the need of a computer to share the attached storage. Some NAS devices have data capacity of 24 TB or more.

NAS devices are much more complex than regular USB drive enclosures. Often featuring internal RAID arrays to achieve the huge advertised capacities, these devices are more difficult to recover data from should anything happen to them.

NAS failure are commonly due to

Human errors: Data loss often happens accidentally due to reformatting, reinstallation, deleting or overwriting a volume.
Power failure/Overheating/PCB chipset break down Defective NAS controllers: Defective controllers can cause errors during reformats or rebuilds. Errors in the firmware or operating system caused by reconfiguring the memory can cause data loss. Mechanical Failure: Rebuilding a contaminated RAID system requires special knowledge and the ability to thoroughly clean individual drives and other components of the NAS. Only then can the data be restored by a logical rebuild.

Works with various NAS devices by many vendors. includes QNAP, NETGEAR ReadyNAS, BUFFALO, Synology, iomega Storcenter, Lenovo, Western Digital, Seagate BlackArmor, Thecus, btrfs-based NAS servers .

What should I do?: Call ITS and talk your problem through with us on 96606866

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